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Ivy Day in the Committee Room: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. The men wear their collars turned up due to the weather. What is the irony in this?

2. Jack longs for the good old times of Ireland and Irish politics, but the younger men don’t. What does this imply?

3. Before he was a politician, what was Richard Tierney’s profession?

4. The men are extremely focused upon the arrival of the stout. What does this imply?

5. There’s irony in their distrust of Tierney in light of question #4. What is it?

6. Why is Fr. Keon described as looking like “a poor clergyman or a poor actor”?

7. What does Tierney’s connection with Keon imply?

8. What does O’Connor’s unwillingness to discuss Parnell’s history tell us?

9. What is the significance of all the contradictory elements in the story’s narrative?

10. Comment on Crofton’s response to Hyne’s poem at the very end of the story.

1. The irony is that the ivy (which they...

(The entire section is 303 words.)