Dubliners Grace: Questions and Answers

James Joyce

Grace: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Considering the title, why is Kernan’s fall ironic?

2. Comment on the meaning of grace in the following quote: “[Kernan] had never been seen in the city without a silk hat of some decency and a pair of gaiters. By grace of these two articles of clothing, he said, a man could always pass muster.”

3. Why is it ironic that Mrs. Kernan celebrated her anniversary by waltzing with her husband “to Mr. Power’s accompaniment”?

4. What is significant about Mr. M’Coy’s comment that the Jesuits are “the boyos [that] have influence”?

5. When Kernan recollects hearing Fr. Tom Burke preach, he recalls that he sat in “back near the door.” What...

(The entire section is 457 words.)