Dubliners A Little Cloud: Summary and Analysis

James Joyce

A Little Cloud: Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Little Chandler: Thirty-ish clerk and amateur poet

Ignatius Gallaher: Little Chandler’s school friend, now a journalist living in London

Little’s Wife (Annie) and Baby Son

Little Chandler, a 30-year-old legal clerk, is anticipating his evening meeting with Ignatius Gallaher, a friend from his youth. In the eight years since they’ve seen each other, Gallaher has moved to London to become a journalist, a situation which both impresses Little and makes him envious. He covets Gallaher’s freedom to travel as well as his career as a writer. As he prepares for their meeting, Little allows himself to hope that Gallaher might be able to help him...

(The entire section is 1250 words.)