Dubliners Grace: Summary and Analysis

James Joyce

Grace: Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Tom Kernan: a tea merchant and alcoholic

Messrs. Power, Cunningham, M’Coy and Fogarty—Tom Kernan’s friends
Mrs. Kernan—his wife

Father Purdon—priest running the “businessman’s retreat” at the local church

The beginning of “Grace” finds Tom Kernan, a tea merchant, lying face-down and drunk on the lavatory floor of a Dublin pub. Helpless and incoherent, Kernan is saved from further embarrassment by his friend, Mr. Power, who delivers him home to his wife.

Two days later, Kernan receives three visitors: Messrs. Power, Cunningham, and M’Coy. Unbeknownst to Kernan, Power has informed Mrs. Kernan that the three...

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