Dubliners Counterparts: Summary and Analysis

James Joyce

Counterparts: Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Farrington: Forty-ish clerk and alcoholic

Mr. Alleyne: Farrington’s boss

Weathers: an English entertainer whom Farrington meets in a pub

Several of Farrington’s Drinking Companions

When the story begins, Farrington, an alcoholic administrator in a law office, is enduring the chastisement of his boss, Mr. Alleyne, for his shabby work. Diving into a pub for a drink to calm his anger, Farrington returns to the office even more muddled than before and makes several more errors in his work. When Alleyne rebukes him, this time in front of a client, Farrington responds insultingly, and the boss nearly goes wild with anger.


(The entire section is 1048 words.)