Dubliners The Boarding House: Summary and Analysis

James Joyce

The Boarding House: Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Mrs. Mooney: owner of the boarding house

Polly Mooney: her 19-year-old daughter

Bob Doran: boarder with whom Polly has become romantically involved

Polly Mooney, 19, lives in her mother’s boarding house with her brother and the young male boarders and tourists who make up its inhabitants. Polly is pretty, and she receives flirtatious advances from many of the boarders and reciprocates, but Mrs. Mooney is frustrated by her daughter’s lack of progress in finding a husband. When Polly begins to have a not-too-subtle affair with one of the boarders, Bob Doran, Mrs. Mooney stays surprisingly quiet and her daughter wonders if she’s acquiescent. In...

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