Dubliners After the Race: Summary and Analysis

James Joyce

After the Race: Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Jimmy Doyle: wealthy 20–21 year-old Irishman

Charles Segouin: owner of a French race car, his friend

Andre Riviere: friend of Segouin

Villona: Hungarian friend of Segouin

Routh: English friend of Segouin

Farley: American friend of Riviere

The story begins with a young, wealthy Dublin college graduate, Jimmy Doyle, engaging in a motor car race through Dublin with three Europeans from the continent: two Frenchmen and a Hungarian. Although Jimmy’s family is known in Dublin for its wealth, among the sophisticated Europeans, he is more in awe of them than their equal, and he is thrilled at being seen in their...

(The entire section is 900 words.)