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Mac, a communist labor organizer who organizes a fruit-pickers’ strike. After many hardships, in the face of starvation and imminent eviction, the strike seems doomed. Then Mac rallies the strikers with a stirring speech over the body of his friend and co-organizer, Jim Nolan, who is shot when he and Mac are enticed into a trap.

Jim Nolan

Jim Nolan, the friend and co-organizer, who is finally killed. The son of a workingman whose death was caused by policemen’s blows, he has come to communism by way of starvation and early ill-treatment.


London, the leader of the fruit pickers.

Doc Burton

Doc Burton, a philosopher and skeptic. He does much to maintain the sanitation of the camp and the strikers’ health during the strike. Things worsen after his disappearance. It is in response to a report that he is lying wounded in a field that Jim and Mac rush out into the trap in which Jim is killed.

Al Townsend

Al Townsend, the owner of a lunch cart. He gives handouts to the strikers, for whom he feels sympathy. His father permits the strikers to camp on his farm.

Lisa London

Lisa London, the daughter of the camp leader. Mac’s influence around the camp greatly increases after he, giving the impression he is a doctor, delivers Lisa of a baby.


Joy, an old and disabled comrade who is killed in an early conflict. Mac’s speech on this occasion does much to unify the workers.


Dick, a handsome comrade who uses his charms on women in order to get food for the strikers.


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Two characters dominate this book: veteran Communist Party worker Mac, and his protégé, Jim Nolan. Mac displays all the characteristics of...

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