(Great Characters in Literature)

Characters Discussed

Squire John Fraser

Squire John Fraser, a North Carolina planter, a strict but kind Scotsman determined to educate his son as a gentleman.

Caroline Fraser

Caroline Fraser, his wife.

John Fraser

John Fraser, their son. Educated in Edenton, he returns to his inland farm home when British authority is overthrown in the coastal town. Sent to England on business by his father, he becomes a clerk for an importing firm. He does a favor for Paul Jones (whom he had met at Wylie Jones’s home) and later signs as a sailor on Jones’s ship when he raids the Scottish coast. John is wounded in a sea battle and, still feverish, he sails for home on a Dutch ship. At first rejected for the militia, he is later accepted and is wounded in a skirmish. No longer a fighter, John rejoices to learn that the British have been defeated.

Sir Nat Dukinfield

Sir Nat Dukinfield, a young sportsman and John’s friend. He is killed in a tavern brawl while visiting John in a French port.

Captain Tennant

Captain Tennant, collector of the port at Edenton.

Eve Tennant

Eve Tennant, his daughter, a coquette who becomes interested in John.

Wylie Jones

Wylie Jones, a plantation owner who promotes the North Carolina rebellion against the British.

Paul Jones

Paul Jones, an adventurous Scottish sailor who takes Wylie Jones’s last name and becomes a raiding captain in the American Navy.

Sally Merrillee

Sally Merrillee, John’s childhood playmate, a neighbor of the Frasers. She and John fall in love.

James Merrillee

James Merrillee, Sally’s father, killed in the war. For a time, John manages the Merrillee farm.

Dr. Clapton

Dr. Clapton, an English clergyman who tutors John in Edenton.

Captain Flood

Captain Flood, John’s friend, a riverboat skipper who takes him up river to Halifax.

Plain Clothes Hewes

Plain Clothes Hewes, a shipbuilder.

Teague Battle

Teague Battle, a young lawyer.

Master Hal Cherry

Master Hal Cherry, a repulsive rich boy.

General Nathanael Greene

General Nathanael Greene, a victorious American commander.