Characters Discussed

(Great Characters in Literature)

Gilbert (Gil) Martin

Gilbert (Gil) Martin, a young pioneer, a hard worker ambitious to have a place of his own at Deerfield and willing to continue fighting after each defeat. Seneca Indians burn his first home, and he is wounded in the ambushing of General Herkimer’s militia. He works on the land and fights when needed, until the valley is at last safe and he is able to return with his family to Deerfield.

Magdelana (Lana) Borst Martin

Magdelana (Lana) Borst Martin, his pretty wife. She loses her first baby after the flight from Deerfield to Fort Schuyler but bears a boy, Gilly, the following spring and another boy, Joey, in August of the next year. Recovery from this birth is prolonged, but by the end of the war, she has a baby girl to take to Deerfield with her husband and boys.

Mark Demooth

Mark Demooth, a captain of the militia, a small, slightly built man rather proud of himself.

John Wolff

John Wolff, a Tory convicted of aiding the British and sent to prison; he later escapes to Canada.

Blue Back

Blue Back, a friendly old Oneida Indian, dirty and paunchy, who likes Gil. He warns the Deerfield residents of a planned raid and later serves as scout and guide for the militia. His young Indian wife is proud of his fertility despite his age.

Mrs. Sarah McKlennar

Mrs. Sarah McKlennar, Captain...

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