Christian Themes

(Literary Essentials: Christian Fiction and Nonfiction)

Drummer in the Dark brings the reader into a world seen, by most, only on the surface—the incestuous world of politics and currency market regulation. Since the Great Depression of the 1930’s, the banking industry has successfully eroded the effective regulatory system that had been established to maintain monetary stability on national and international levels. Florida governor Grant Wells, heavily supported politically and financially by the banking industry, decides to exploit his position by running his apolitical but beholden brother-in-law for a recently vacated congressional seat. The story immerses the brother-in-law, the protagonist, a self-satisfied individual, into circumstances that demand choices—the most basic of all moral choices, between good and evil. Wynn Bryant has lived his life as a “kept” man by his sister and brother-in-law. When his brother-in-law attempts to use Wynn for his purposes, Wynn quickly finds himself a tool in the hands of the banking lobby to ensure its ability to control banking regulation.

Wynn’s awakening from his moral lethargy is facilitated by his sister, Sybel. As he tries to orient himself to his newly acquired moral compass, he wrestles with his sense of obligation to his brother-in-law and his loyalty to his sister. As he becomes more intimately involved with the players on both sides of the moral fence in his “playground,” Wynn becomes aware of qualities within himself that he has...

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