(Literary Essentials: Christian Fiction and Nonfiction)

Drummer in the Dark intermingles the bizarre and the mundane in both characters and story line to produce a tale of murder, politics, faith, and courage. Written in 2001, the novel portrays events that could very well be played out today. Grant Wells, the opportunistic governor of Florida, seeks to use the recent, disabling stroke of Congressman Graham Hutchings to advance his interests in Washington by nominating his brother-in-law, Wynn Bryant, as the replacement for Hutchings. Grant’s wife, Sybel, Bryant’s sister, also encourages her brother to run for the interim congressional seat, albeit for her own reasons. As a staunch enemy of Hutchings’s efforts to curb the out-of-control banking and financial industry, Grant instructs his brother-in-law to do only one thing while he is in Washington: to see to it that the Jubilee bill is killed. The bill was Hutchings’s attempt to restrict the banking industry’s ability to manipulate world currencies and thereby significantly reduce the debt of developing nations. In the meantime, Hutchings’s wife, Esther, hires a second-rate private investigator, Jackie Havilland, a former graduate student in finance who has an ax to grind with the hedge-fund industry leader, Hayek Funds Group. Esther wants Jackie to research the opposition to the Jubilee bill.

As events begin to control of the lives of the characters, Wynn takes his seat as a hapless puppet congressman of the Florida governor and quickly becomes the laughingstock of the staffers in his Washington office. It seems...

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(Literary Essentials: Christian Fiction and Nonfiction)

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