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1. Characterize the girlfriend in the story "Boyfriend." Why does Diaz never mention her name? How does he contrast her to Loretta?

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2. Many of the stories involve an older and a younger brother. How are these relationships between brothers similar? How are they different?

3. Discuss the cultural role of food in the stories. As depicted in the book, what role does food play in family life? In social life? In daily survival?

4. Drug sales and drug use are central to many of the stories. How does Diaz portray drug culture? How does drug culture affect the characters' lives? What are the characters' personal opinions about drugs?

5. Compare and contrast the various malefemale relationships in the stories. How do the young men's relationships with young women echo and oppose their fathers' relationships with adult women?

6. What is the importance of skin color in the stories? How else are racial issues portrayed?

7. How does Diaz's use of dialogue enhance his character development?

8. Research the history of Dominican immigration to the United States. How do the stories in Drown fit into this history?

9. Compare the representation of Dominican immigrant life in the United States in Drown to the representation of immigrant life in another collection of stories from a different culture, such as America Street: A Multicultural Anthology of Stories, edited by Anne Mazur, or Join In: Multiethnic Short Stories by Outstanding Writers for Young Adults, edited by Donald R. Gallo.

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