Driving Miss Daisy

by Alfred Uhry

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Topics for Further Study

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One way that actors "get into'' their roles is to imagine their characters in situations that are implied but not included in the play. Try to imagine these characters in other situations and write another short scene for inclusion in the play.

Imagine that Hoke overheard the conversation between Boolie and Daisy in which she implies that all African Americans are dishonest. How do you think he would react to such statements?

Conduct research to find out more about how racial relations have changed in the South from the 1940s to the present day. Write a paragraph about your findings.

Imagine that you are from another country and know nothing about race relations in the twentieth-century South. What might be your impression of race relations based solely on Driving Miss Daisy?

Read another play that portrays a Southern point of view and Southern issues. Tennessee Williams' A Streetcar Named Desire would be a good choice. How does the image of the South differ in the two plays? How is at alike?

Toward the end of the play, Daisy exclaims to Boolie, ‘‘I've never been prejudiced and you know it!’’ How do you think Hoke would respond? How would you respond?

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