Drinker of Blood

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

Set during the reign of Pharaoh Tutankhamen in the fourteenth century B.C., the Lord Meren mysteries star the confidant and advisor of the boy Pharaoh. Whenever the stability of the reign is threatened, whether by palace intrigue or a serial killer terrorizing the Pharaoh’s subjects, Lord Meren and his charioteers have the responsibility to restore order.

In the last Lord Meren mystery, Eater of Souls (1997), Meren became suspicious that Queen Nefertiti, the Pharaoh’s aunt, had been murdered, and that the murderer was one of the powerful members of the court. His investigation is continued in Drinker of Blood.

This book consists of two different story lines. The first, told in flashback, is that of Nefertiti and her husband, the Pharaoh Akhenaten, who challenged established Egyptian religion. This is the background for all the volumes in the Lord Meren series, not merely this book. The second is the clash of wits between Nefertiti’s unknown murderer and Meren. Initially, the killer succeeds in alienating Meren from the Pharaoh, and it takes the combined assistance of Meren’s children, his high priest cousin, his loyal charioteers, and a Greek pirate to prevent Meren from being another victim of this blood-thirsty killer.

An anthropologist and archaeologist by training, Lynda S. Robinson once again provides a mystery filled with wonderful descriptions of life in ancient Egypt. It is a volume which will appeal most to readers who are already familiar with Meren and Tutankhamen and wish to have events and characters previously hinted at more fully explained and described.