Dream on Monkey Mountain

by Derek Walcott

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Topics for Further Study

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  • Compare and contrast Makak from Dream on Monkey Mountain with Chantal from an earlier Walcott play, Malcauchon; Or, the Six in Rain (1959). Why are both alienated from society? How do they handle their differences? How has Walcott's style evolved?
  • Research the history of colonialism in the West Indies. Discuss how this history affects the motivations and attitudes of the characters, especially Corporal Lestrade.
  • Research Japan's samurai warriors. Walcott claims to have had them in mind when he wrote the character of Makak. Discuss Makak and his journey in terms of your findings.
  • Read psychological research related to race and the formation of personal identity. By what other means could Makak have come to terms with himself?

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