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Jane McKeene

Jane McKeene is the protagonist of the story. She was born two days before the dead started walking after Gettysburg. She's the daughter of a wealthy white-passing woman who attends a school where she's learning to fight against shamblers and serve as a companion and protector to a white woman. She's strong, self-assured, and a good fighter.

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Auntie Aggie

Auntie Aggie is the woman who raised Jane for the most part. Jane says that her position in Jane's mother's household is that of House Negro.

Ophelia McKeene

Jane's mother is the richest woman in Haller County, Kentucky, and she is very exacting and demanding.. Unlike Jane, Ophelia is white-passing. 

Miss Duncan

Miss Duncan is one of Jane's trainers at Miss Preston's School of Combat for Negro Girls. She's a white woman who spent ten years in the Army killing the shamblers. Jane says she's eagle-eyed and can't possibly be human.

Big Sue

Big Sue is Jane's friend and the largest girl at their school.

Katherine Deveraux

Katherine Deveraux is another student at the school. She's a good shot, from Virginia, and could pass as white with her complexion. Jane says they've always butted heads because Katherine doesn't know how to mind her own business. Despite this, they become very good friends and work together throughout the book.

Jackson Keats

Jackson Keats, also known as Red Jack, is a guy who has his hand in everything. He's fond of Jane but she doesn't like his criminal activities. However, she also cares for him even though she forces herself not to. She says the things they do together "can't really be called courting." He wants her help to find his missing sister.

Mayor Carr

Mayor Carr is the corrupt mayor of Baltimore. He's rich and a member of the Survivalist party which believes keeping white men and women safe is the only way for the world to survive.

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