The Dragon Waiting Critical Essays

John M. Ford


(Critical Survey of Science Fiction and Fantasy)

The plot of The Dragon Waiting dramatically incorporates into fiction real characters of fifteenth century Europe such as Edward IV, Richard III, and members of their families and courts in England; Lorenzo de’ Medici and his circle of friends and dependents in Italy; and Margaret of Anjou and her supporters at the French court of Louis XI. The fictional characters are as believable and alive as the historical characters with whom they interact. The novel likewise merges fictional and historical events, embellishes and provides credible causes for events whose details have been lost to historical annals, and freely alters occurrences that may have been different had previous underlying events not taken place or philosophical worldviews not been established.

John M. Ford has acquired a reputation as a diverse and talented writer as well as some fame as a game designer. His literary output is as varied as it is extensive. He has covered a wide range of science-fiction and fantasy subgenres. His first works were children’s stories, which he wrote under an assumed name. Previous work written under his own name and published professionally includes short stories in Isaac Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine; his Alternities Corporation series of science-fiction stories (1979-1981); Web of Angels (1980), an early novelistic venture into cyberpunk before its conventions were established; an informative manual for potential...

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