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Ling Tan and his family all live together on their ancestral farm. In addition to Ling Tan and his wife, Ling Sao, there are three sons and a daughter. Lao Ta, one of the sons, and his wife, Orchid, have two children. Lao Er, another son, and his wife, Jade, are newly married.

While Orchid is the conventional wife and daughter-in-law, Lao Er’s wife, Jade, is different. She reveals to her husband that she wants more than what is given and wants to be more than what is expected of a woman. Lao Er is wise enough to realize that his strong-willed, intelligent, thoughtful wife is more blessing than encumbrance and promises that on his next visit to the city he will buy her a book, something no one else in his household ever held.

In the city, Lao Er visits his older sister and her husband Wu Lien. Wu Lien is a shopkeeper, and while Lao Er is visiting, students come to the shop and destroy all the foreign merchandise. They call Wu Lien a traitor. This is one of the earliest indications to the Ling family of the impending Japanese invasion and occupation.

One day Ling Tan is working in his fields when the first Japanese warplanes arrive. They fly over the Lings’ village on the way to the city. The Lings are too naïve to know what happened until that night, when Wu Lien brings his entire household with him, seeking refuge. His shop was gutted by a bomb, and much of the city is damaged.

Ling Tan and Lao San go into the city to see the devastation for themselves, and they are caught in an air raid. When Ling Tan gathers his family and asks them what they should do to resist the enemy, Jade and Lao Er announce their wish to flee inland to join the resistance movement. Jade is now carrying their first child. It is decided that while Jade and Lao Er are away the rest of the family will stay and hold on to their land as best as they can.

Streams of refugees pass through the village on their way west, and firsthand accounts of Japanese atrocities prepare Ling Tan and his fellow villagers for what they will have to do when the Japanese come. With the city in ruins and with the last of the Chinese army having fled to the hills, the Japanese march into the area. A marauding group comes to the Lings’ village looking for wine and women. Ling Tan sends his family to the fields. Wu Lien’s mother, however, is not able to escape in time. She is raped and killed. The house is ransacked.

Ling Tan brings all the women and children in his family to the relative safety of the white missionary woman’s compound. He and his sons remain on the farm. The Japanese return and, finding no women in the Ling home, gang-rape the sixteen-year-old Lao San. Filled with hatred, Lao San leaves...

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Dragon Seed champions the need for more active support of China as the Chinese recoil from the horrors of the Japanese invasion early...

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