The Plot

(Critical Survey of Science Fiction and Fantasy)

The Dragon and the George features Jim Eckert, a doctoral student in medieval history who is frustrated with the twentieth century. His girlfriend, Angie, is a research assistant to a scientist experimenting with astral projection and accidentally gets sent to some unknown world. Jim tries to follow, but only his mind is projected. He wakes up in the body of a dragon named Gorbash. Angie, a “george”—as all humans are called by dragons—is captured by the dragon Bryagh. Gorbash’s uncle, Smrgol, convinces the dragons to hold her for ransom and sends Jim to the magician S. Carolinus to arrange the negotiations.

Jim and Angie see Carolinus as their only hope of returning home. Jim meets the mage and reveals his situation. Before the mage can do anything, Bryagh takes Angie to the Loathly Towers, the fortress of the Dark Powers. Jim is caught in a battle between the forces of good and evil and is told that he must gather “Companions” before he rescues Angie.

Over the course of a few days, Jim meets Sir Brian Neville-Smythe, a knight; Aragh, the English Wolf; Danielle of the Wold, a woodswoman; her father, Giles of the Wold, an outlaw; and Daffyd ap Hwyel, a Welsh master bowman. They have a few adventures, then approach the Loathly Towers. They are joined by Caro-linus, Smrgol, and Secoh (another dragon) to face the champions of the Dark Powers, including the evil Sir Hugh de Malencontri, Bryagh, and an ogre. Jim and his Companions win the battle and rescue Angie, though at a price. Jim and Angie decide to stay instead of returning home, and Jim is given back his human body.

The Dragon Knight takes place approximately ten months after the battle of the Loathly Towers. Jim, who is now Sir James, Baron de Bois de Malencontri, has married Angie and controls the Malencontri lands. He begins changing into a dragon: Because he is a magician and has not been using his magic, it has started to use him. Jim becomes apprenticed to Carolinus and begins practicing magic.

Meanwhile, Prince Edward of England has been captured in France, and the English knights mount a rescue force. Jim must go as part of feudal duty. He and Brian join the English forces. They meet Sir Giles, another English knight and a “silkie,” a man on land and seal in the sea. They are given a special assignment to rescue the prince from the hands of the evil magician, Malvinne.

They go to France and meet Sir Raoul, a French knight who wants to save his king and country from Malvinne’s machinations. After a few solo misadventures, Jim returns to his group to find that they have been joined by Aargh the Wolf (the spelling has changed from the first book) and Daffyd. The...

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