Dracula Overview Quiz

Twilight? Pshh, Dracula is the original tortured good v. evil vampire tale. Take a breather from Bella and Edward and dive into Bram Stoker's Victorian masterpiece. With rich settings and complex characters, there's no doubt you'll be drawn into Count Dracula's mysteriously nefarious world. Once you've completed it, there's nothing stopping you from testing your knowledge of the ghouls with eNotes' Dracula Overview Quiz.

  1. What peculiar behavior does Dr. John Seward's patient, Renfield, engage in?

  2. When does Dracula attack Lucy?

  3. What stops Harker from leaving the castle, even though the Count has told him he may leave?

  4. Which of the following is NOT something Harker notices soon after arriving at Dracula's castle?

  5. What is the only way Dracula can gain access to a home?

  6. Who is snatching children near the cemetery?

  7. Why is Harker going to see Count Dracula?

  8. What happens when Van Helsing puts Eucharist water on Mina?

  9. When three women try to bite Harker, Dracula stops them. What does he give the women instead to placate them?

  10. Why won't Mina read Johnathan's journal?