The Plot

(Critical Survey of Science Fiction and Fantasy)

Dracula Unbound follows the efforts of Joe Bodenland to defeat the Fleet Ones, vampirish descendants of pterodactyls who intend to use time travel to enslave humanity. Bodenland has developed a method of toxic waste disposal involving time displacement. His friend, Bernard Clift, a paleontologist, has discovered in the deserts of Utah a coffin containing a humanoid corpse, buried in rock from the Cretaceous period.

When a ghastly “ghost train” appears over Clift’s find, Bodenland and Clift manage to steal aboard. They discover that the train is a time-travel device from the far future, when Earth is ruled by the Fleet Ones, who hope to use the “time train” to dominate humans throughout all time. Clift is killed, but Bodenland seizes control of the train. Discovering that the train recently dropped off a vampire agent in the London of 1896, he travels there to attempt to thwart her. Upon arrival, he befriends Bram Stoker, who is writing the novel Dracula, and his gardener, Spinks.

Bella, the operative whom Bodenland seeks, seduces him. She confides that the vampires’ leader, Lord Dra-cula, has called a great convocation of all vampires to plan humanity’s ultimate downfall. She further confides that this gathering will take place in the Cretaceous period. The only weapon that could defeat Dracula, a superfusion bomb, can be found only in Tripoli, Libya, in the year 2599. Bodenland, Stoker, and Spinks stalk Bella...

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