Douglas Turner Ward

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Edith Oliver

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Douglas Turner Ward's "Day of Absence,"… is, among other things, a reminder that satire is still possible in the theatre, in contrast to lampoons, put-ons, spoofs, and various kinds of hokum, which certainly abound….

"Brotherhood" is a new play, and while it is funny, too, it is a comedown—much broader and blunter than "Day of Absence," though no milder, and not nearly so original. There is even a difference in the quality of the laughter it evokes; the decibel count is about the same for both plays, but the special relish and appreciation for the first are lacking for the second…. Mr. Ward is incapable of putting together a bad line, even when he sacrifices his sharp, subtle wit to a bitter practical joke, as he does here. (p. 84)

Edith Oliver, "Happy Day Is Here Again," in The New Yorker (© 1970 by The New Yorker Magazine, Inc.), Vol. XLVI, No. 6, March 28, 1970, pp. 84, 86, 88.∗

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