Topics for Further Study

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• Write an essay expressing your views on the
possibility of cloning human beings. Include fair
comments on the opposing viewpoint and tell
why you believe the opposition is wrong.

• Recall a time when you had to complete a group
project at school or for an organization to which
you belong. Write a report on how the project
was conducted, from start to finish, using the
style and information you find most useful to
explain the details. Also discuss others’ attitudes
and views, especially those you worked with

• DNA testing has been used in solving violent
crimes and paternity suits. Research one particular
case, and write a report on why the testing was
used and what controversies surrounded it.

• Science fiction and futuristic novels have enjoyed
a large readership for decades. Write a
short story set in the future, and include details
about human life based on actual scientific research
at the beginning of the twenty-first century.

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