Dorothy Wordsworth

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Principal Works

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Recollections of a Tour Made in Scotland, A.D. 1803 (journal) 1874

*Journals of Dorothy Wordsworth. 2 vols. (journals) 1897; expanded and revised edition, 1941

The Letters of William and Dorothy Wordsworth. 6 vols. (letters) 1935-39; revised edition, 1967-93

George and Sarah Green: A Narrative (prose) 1936

The Poetry of Dorothy Wordsworth: Edited from the Journals (poetry) 1940

Journals of Dorothy Wordsworth: The Alfoxden Journal, 1798; The Grasmere Journals, 1800-1803 (journals) 1958; revised edition, 1971

Dove Cottage: The Wordsworths at Grasmere, 1799-1803 (journal and letters) 1966

The Collected Poems of Dorothy Wordsworth (poetry) 1987

*The revised edition contains the most complete version of the Journal of a Tour on the Continent.

†This work includes letters by William Wordsworth.

‡Published as Appendix One of Dorothy Wordsworth and Romanticism.

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