Dorothy L. Sayers Long Fiction Analysis - Essay

Dorothy L. Sayers Long Fiction Analysis

(Survey of Novels and Novellas)

If one should wish to know England as it was between the two world wars—how it was in its customs, among its different classes, and in its different regions, how it regarded itself and the world, what weaknesses festered, what strengths endured—there is no better place to learn its soul or to revel in its singular delights and peccadilloes than in the novels of Dorothy L. Sayers. When Harriet Vane marries Peter Wimsey in Busman’s Honeymoon, she happily realizes that she has “married England,” revealing that Sayers herself recognized the symbolic import of her hero. As a survivor of World War I, a war that decimated a generation of young Englishmen and left their society reeling, Wimsey represents England’s...

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