Dorothy Arzner

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Principal Works

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The Red Kimono (screenplay) [adapted from a story by Adela Rogers St. John] 1925
Fashions for Women (film) 1927
Get Your Man (film) 1927
Ten Modern Commandments (film) 1927
Manhattan Cocktail (film) 1928
The Wild Party (film) 1929
Anybody's Woman (film) 1930
Behind the Makeup (film) [with Robert Milton] 1930
Charming Sinners (film) [with Robert Milton] 1930
∗"The Vagabond King" (film sequence) 1930
Sarah and Son (film) 1930
Honor among Lovers (film) 1931
Working Girls (film) 1931
Merrily We Go to Hell (film) 1932
Christopher Strong (film) 1933
Nana (film) 1934
Craig's Wife (film) 1936
The Bride Wore Red (film) 1937
The Last of Mrs. Cheyney (film) [with Richard Boleslavsky] 1937
Dance, Girl, Dance (film) 1940
First Comes Courage (film) 1943

∗This film sequence was one of several by different directors included in Paramount on Parade, which was released in 1930.

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