Christian Themes

(Literary Essentials: Christian Fiction and Nonfiction)

Don’t Throw Away Tomorrow is a book based entirely on faith, as demonstrated by the title. The word “tomorrow” indicates belief in a future. When the media is filled with accounts of war, death, disease, starvation, environmental destruction, and cruelty, it is difficult to get past the present and look forward to or expect a future. According to Schuller, this type of negative thinking results in throwing away tomorrow.

Schuller believes this type of negative thinking is countered through faith in God along with an optimistic attitude. Faith in God is the foundation, and an optimistic attitude forms the pillars that hold the future (tomorrow). It is evident through Schuller’s writing that he believes everything rests on faith in God. The subtitle of the work includes the words “God’s dream,” which is a reference to the future. Dreams may occur in the present, but they are about the future. Schuller’s message is that God has a future (dream) for your life.

The issue of faith also includes faith in oneself. Again, the title is an indication of the importance Schuller places on faith. The subtitle includes the self through the word “your.” The word “tomorrow” in the title indicates your tomorrow, not anyone else’s. According to Schuller, for you to fulfill God’s dream for your life, you need to have faith that there will be a future.

Faith is not without hope. Schuller’s formula, which combines positive thinking with possibility thinking to form optimism, is his way of producing hope. The opposite of optimism is pessimism. Pessimists do not believe they can do anything worthwhile; they feel that anything they attempt is doomed to fail and there is nothing right with life. In other words, there is no hope. Schuller provides his formula for hope and, throughout his book, gives examples of people who have made their lives meaningful through faith and hope.

Schuller wrote this book to help people live God-centered, optimistic lives. He uses the experiences of a variety of people to show how others have achieved this lifestyle. Many of these people have had to overcome terrible obstacles; however, through their works and deeds, they prove that such a life is attainable.