Other literary forms

(Poets and Poetry in America)

Donald Hall became well known not only for his poetry but also for his short fiction, his criticism, and his books on the writing of poetry. He has written or edited approximately one hundred anthologies, textbooks, books of poetry, prose, children’s books, criticism, and essays. Their Ancient Glittering Eyes: Remembering Poets and More Poets (1992) brings together interviews with T. S. Eliot, Marianne Moore, and Ezra Pound as well as criticism on twentieth century poets. Life Work (1993) is a collection of essays about the vocation of being a writer and living in a rural area with people who work at hard physical jobs. Death to the Death of Poetry: Essays, Reviews, Notes, Interviews (1994) contains reflective essays on the craft of poetry and criticism. Principal Products of Portugal: Prose Pieces (1995) assembles the prose nonfiction that Hall published in a wide variety of periodicals on Henry Adams, Bob Cousy, Henry Moore, and many other topics. I Am the Dog, I Am the Cat (1994), Lucy’s Christmas (1994), Lucy’s Summer (1995), When Willard Met Babe Ruth (1996), and The Milkman’s Boy (1997) are among his children’s books.