Don Segundo Sombra

by Ricardo Güiraldes

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Characters Discussed

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Don Segundo Sombra

Don Segundo Sombra (seh-GEWN-doh SOHM-brah), an elderly Argentine gaucho who for five years allows Fabio to accompany him in his wanderings and instructs him in the life and the culture of the pampas. He then persuades Fabio to accept the responsibility of the ranch he has inherited and stays with him until he gets established.


Fabio (FAH-bee-oh), a waif who turns to Sombra for understanding, and in many adventures with him learns courage and self-reliance.

Two aunts

Two aunts, who rear Fabio without interest or affection.

Don Fabio Cáceres

Don Fabio Cáceres (KAH-seh-rehs), Fabio’s father, who ignores him as a child but later wills him a ranch and a fortune.

Pedro Barrales

Pedro Barrales (PEH-droh bah-RRAH-lehs), a one-time gaucho companion who brings Fabio news of his inheritance.

Don Leandro Galvan

Don Leandro Galvan (leh-AHN-droh gahl-VAHN), a rancher and later Fabio’s guardian.


Paula, a fickle country girl over whom Fabio duels with a rancher’s son.

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