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"You May Go Whistle For The Rest"

(Magill's Quotations in Context)

Context: Sancho, in his efforts to prevent his master from going to investigate the noise made at a fulling mill where the hammers are pounding clay into the cloth to stiffen it, tells how a goatherd tires of his courting of a shepherdess. His new coolness inflames her and he has to flee from her, with his flock. At a river, there is a small boat with capacity for an oarsman and one goat, so the goatherd takes one across, returns for another, and another. Then Sancho pauses to ask Don Quixote:

". . . How many goats are got over already?" "Nay, how the devil can I tell!" replied Don Quixote. "There it is!" quoth Sancho, "did I not bid you keep count? On my word, the tale is at an end, and now you may go whistle for the rest."