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"A Finger In Every Pie"

(Magill's Quotations in Context)

Context: In an endless story about the love affair of a goatherd and the shepherdess Toralva, Sancho tells his master how it progressed:

. . . it happened, that after several days coming and going, the devil, who seldom lies dead in a ditch, but will have a finger in every pie, so brought it about . . . that the love he bore her turned into dudgeon and ill will. . . .
In Part II, Chapter 22, Sancho, amazed at the breadth of his master's knowledge, says to himself:
. . . Old Nick take him for a knight-errant! I think he's one of the seven wise masters. I thought he knew nothing but his knight-errantry, but now I see . . . he has an oar in every man's boat, and a finger in every pie.