What types of patterns are present in the novel Don Quixote?

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One type of pattern in the novel Don Quixote is the repetition of the contrast between a moral code of conduct considered the highest and best in one age—chivalry—conflicting with a modern code of conduct that finds the previous value set unintelligible and absurd.

Another type of pattern is the contrast of social status and worth. Cervantes contrasts the basic decency and earnest but honest reasoning of the peasant Sancho with the lack of kindness and trifling levity of the Duke and Duchess. Although this theme later became a common, even shallow, cultural stereotype, that was not the case in Cervantes's day.

The third type of pattern is the frequent probing of boundaries between truth and fiction and between sanity and insanity. What is real and what is fiction is constantly at play as Cervantes forces us to ask ourselves how we really know what is real?

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