Don Quixote as a Humorous Novel

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About this Document

The novel certifies that the both Cervantes and Don Quixote are exploited by themselves .It is a very humorous novel of the medieval ages, written by Cervantes. It is written under the spirit of deeds. To some extent, there is found contrast in the statement of the novelist, because he classifies it a historical novel. He calls his hero Don Quixote as a historical character. His statements about the character of Don Quixote that he is misfortunate and mad can not help reading the chivalry books, and he is of the fifty gaunt, deciding to become knight errant create doubt about calling him a historical character. We are not bound whether the character is historical or invented but our attention or interest is stretched to its simple humour that has glorified this work and succeeded to give it an eminent place in literature. If we think about the Cervantes’s age, it is found that the public was very crazy to read the chivalry books and to become knight errant. It was the public concept that where there is fight there is knight. Don Quixote, the simple person, also falls in this disease and sells all his property to purchase the books. His members of family become very tired of his obsession and take away his library with fabricated words that it was stolen by the wicked spirit or genies. This invented story gives him the purpose of life or a way to becoming knight in order to fight against such evil spirits. Apart from it, from beginning it is humorous and draws the attention of readers to such craze of the society.