Part 1, Chapter 5 Summary

A Further Account of Our Knight’s Misfortunes

As he lies by the side of the road, sore and unable to move, Quixote recalls the romance story of Baldwin and the Marquis of Mantua and he immediately feels better. He recalls the lament of that tale and sings out the question: where, oh where, is the Marquis of Mantua? As fortune would have it, a ploughman who lives in the village near Quixote’s house happens to be walking by with a sack of wheat from the mill. When he sees and hears the strange man lying prostrate near the road, he asks the man who he is and why he is lamenting so sadly.

Quixote sees the man as his uncle, the Marquis, and immediately shares the imaginary woes of the romance...

(The entire section is 714 words.)