Part 1, Chapter 17 Summary

A Further Account of the Innumerable Hardships Which the brave Don Quixote, and His Worthy Squire Sancho, Underwent in the Inn

Don Quixote comes to and calls out pitifully to his squire. Panza is in a foul mood and says “all the imps of hell have been tormenting him” all night. Quixote claims this is an enchanted castle and makes Panza swear not to tell anyone what he is about to say, at least until Quixote is dead. The squire agrees and hopes that happens tomorrow, as he hates to keep things around too long.

Quixote explains that a great adventure happened to him last night. The daughter of the lord of this castle, a stunningly beautiful and charming woman, came to him. When they were...

(The entire section is 812 words.)