Part 1, Chapter 10 Summary

What Farther Befell Don Quixote With the Biscainer; and the Danger He Ran Among a Parcel of Yanguesians

After the beating, Sancho Panza finally gets slowly up and, seeing his master in a fight, begins to pray. He prays Quixote will be victorious, win an island, and appoint Panza governor of it as he promised. When it is clear the battle is over, Panza runs to help his master; however, before the knight can speak, his squire begs him to grant him the governorship of the island he won in this bloody battle.

Patiently Quixote explains that there are few spoils to be had in these kinds of battles and to be patient. Panza thanks Quixote and helps him mount Rozinante before leaping on his own...

(The entire section is 724 words.)