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Don Juan Tenorio is a romantic Spanish play written by Jose Zorrilla. The playwright was among the renowned Romantic poets and had published approximately forty works. Several English translations of the play have been made.

The play reveals to the reader the power of love. The author highlights the once selfish and brutal character of Don Juan Tenorio and the positive changes he experiences in his life because of love.

One of the major themes that the book addresses is redemption. Don Juan Tenorio has a positive change in his life once he accepts the wrongs that he has done. Zorrilla paints a vivid picture of Don Juan’s previously psychopathic nature by giving an account of Don Juan’s past and the way he has made wagers to cause harm to innocent people.

Zorilla makes a convincing argument about the effects of destructive behavior. Don Juan’s carefree and selfish personality leads him to kill Mejia and Don Gonzallo. These actions haunt him for a long time, and he is forced to come to terms with the effects of his actions and the importance of love, empathy, and selflessness.


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