Don Juan Tenorio

by José Zorrilla y Moral

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Last Updated on September 5, 2023, by eNotes Editorial. Word Count: 209

This is the story of a young nobleman known as Don Juan, who is used to duels, partying, and seducing his way around Sevilla. He has won numerous duels and broken the hearts of many women. However, his duel with Don Luis Mejia, also a risk-taker like his opponent, proves to be the turning point of his life. As they are discussing the details of the duel in a tavern, Don Juan's father and the dad of the girl he wants to marry are present, though in disguise. Don Juan's father is ashamed of his son, after finding out what he does with his free time, and disowns him, while his fiance's father cancels the marriage and send his daughter to a convent. Regardless, Don Juan continues with the duel. He first sleeps with Don Luis's fiance, before 'stealing' his fiance, Ines, from the convent. Towards, the end of the novel, he is pursued by an angry Don Luis and Don Gonzalo (Ines's father). To protect himself, Don Juan murders the two men and escapes from Sevilla. His fiance dies shortly afterwards due to shock and disappointment. Don Juan returns to Sevilla years later, still feeling guilty for his past actions. It ends with his repentance before he dies.

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