Don Juan Characters (Moliere)


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Don Juan

Don Juan (hwahn), a philanderer and scoundrel. A seducer of women of whom he soon tires, a neglecter of debts, and a dishonorer of friends, Don Juan is called on to repent. He replies by becoming a greater hypocrite than ever, continuing his evil ways until he finally offends heaven itself and is destroyed.


Sganarelle (sgah-nah-REHL), Don Juan’s valet, who hates his master’s evil acts but remains loyal to him because of fear.


Elvire (ehl-VEHR), Don Juan’s betrayed wife. Finally free of her passion for her husband, she agrees to return to the convent from which he had abducted her. She begs him to reform and escape the wrath of heaven.

Don Carlos

Don Carlos and

Don Alonse

Don Alonse (ah-LONS), Elvire’s brothers, who seek vengeance on Don Juan for his betrayal of their sister.

The Statue of the Commander

The Statue of the Commander, part of the tomb of one of Don Juan’s victims. Don Juan and Sganarelle ask the statue to dine with them. It accepts, thus causing Don Juan to pretend conversion and repentance. The statue reappears, threatening a terrible death for the really unrepentant sinner.

Don Louis

Don Louis (lwee), Don Juan’s distressed father.

Monsieur Dimanche

Monsieur Dimanche (dee-MAHNSH), Don Juan’s creditor, hypocritically put off by his debtor.


Charlotte and


Mathurine (mah-tew-REEN), country girls each deceived by Don Juan into thinking she is his only love.


Pierrot (pyeh-ROH), a country lad.