Critical Evaluation

(Critical Survey of Literature for Students)

Friedrich Schiller’s dramatic works are often divided into three periods: early, middle, and classical. Don Carlos, which took Schiller four years to write and was completed in 1787, is the single play representing the middle period. It is a melodramatic high tragedy written in blank verse, which combines complicated political ideas with a story of doomed love.

In the course of writing Don Carlos, Schiller’s ideas about the characters changed. Because the first three acts were published in Die Thalia between 1785 and 1787 as they were completed, the playwright felt he had to resolve this story line, despite his preference. He would have reworked the play quite differently and created characters more suited to his new ideas had the first acts not already been in the hands of the public. Schiller said of Don Carlos, “The parts that first attracted me began to produce this effect in a weaker degree . . . Carlos himself lost my favor, perhaps for no other reason than because I had become his senior, and Posa replaced him. I commenced the fourth and fifth acts with quite an altered heart.” The inconsistencies in Don Carlos are the result of this change of course. Later in his life, Schiller was extremely critical of Don Carlos. In his Letters upon Don Carlos, he wrote, “in the first (three) acts I aroused expectations that the last do not fulfill.” In the final two acts, Posa does not act in accordance with his earlier course. Initially, he proclaims his loyalty to Carlos; then he seems to ally himself with the king. Probably he could have used that friendship to support his goals of social justice, but when he ruins that possibility the plans for rebellion are destroyed, and all the while Carlos remains in the dark about the greater duties that drive Posa. In the first three acts, Posa is a heroic idealist; in the next acts, he is an unjustified maniac. Even his death, which he feels is purely sacrificial, does not help Carlos, his own greater cause, or anyone else.

Don Carlos was a public success, but critics pointed out some flaws. Schiller’s research into the...

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