The Domino Conspiracy

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

When there’s a major foul-up during the attempted launch of a Soviet rocket, it is discovered that the one man who might have been able to avert the disaster was suddenly pulled off the project. The papers bear Khrushchev’s forged signature, a fact that makes him very uneasy. It is well-known that Khrushchev wants to reduce the military and concentrate on a consumer economy, and military men can make powerful enemies. In fact, two are stirring up trouble among the Albanians, hoping to cause enough trouble to create Khrushchev’s fall.

Khrushchev needs help. But who can he trust? The danger may becoming from the KGB itself, so Khrushchev brings together an elite force to help unravel the puzzle.

At the same time a CIA operative in the Soviet Union disappears, and the CIA wants him found. Special techniques were used to screen him, and now those techniques are being questioned. The CIA send out their team to investigate. Eventually the two teams cross paths and find that their goals are not dissimilar. Each team feels that time may by running out. They may have to work together to succeed.

The complexity of the plot is what makes this book fascinating reading, but it also makes the beginning of the book a bit difficult. The whole cast of characters is introduced, but at first they seem totally unrelated to one another. Once the threads begin coming together, though, the book is hard to put down.