Chapters 8-10 Summary

As Paul grows older he remains sickly, especially after the departure of Mrs. Richards. Mrs. Wickam becomes his nurse, but she is not as loving as Mrs. Richards and is focused more on pity for herself and for others. When he is five years old, Paul asks his father what money is. When he is told that money can do anything, he asks why it could not save his mother. He also asks why money cannot make his as strong as Florence. He complains of being tired and of his bones aching. Mr. Dombey tells him that boys are always tired at the end of the day, but Paul says that he is tired during the daytime, and Florence sings to him to ease his pain.

Mr. Dombey consults Louisa and Miss Tox, who suggest that he go to the seaside boarding school of Mrs. Pipchin, advising him to send Florence with him since Paul has become very attached to his sister. Florence and Mrs. Wickam accompany him, and Mr. Dombey visits on weekends. Although he and Mrs. Pipchin get off to a rocky start, the two become an odd pair as Mrs. Pipchin is fascinated by his outlandish questions. Florence often takes Paul out in a wheelchair. He is fascinated by the waves, asking Florence what they are saying. He looks out over them as if he is looking at an invisible vista far away.

Walter notices that Uncle Sol is very down because of the lack of customers. Mr. Brogley, a loan broker, meets him on his way to work and tells him that his uncle has missed payment on his debt and has lost possession of his shop. Uncle Sol tells Walter to go to Captain Cuttle, who might know what to do. The captain does not have much money, but he collects what he has and tries to give it to Mr. Brogley; the amount is over three hundred pounds. Captain Cuttle says that their last resort is to ask Mr. Dombey for the money. Terrified, Walter is reluctant but goes to Brighton with Captain Cuttle to find Mr. Dombey, who is visiting Paul at school.

Major Bagstock befriends Mr. Dombey so that he may form a closer acquaintance with Miss Tox. He follows her to Brighton one weekend, where she accompanies Mr. Dombey on a visit to see Paul. At dinner, Walter arrives with Captain Cuttle and explains his need for money to pay off his uncle’s loan. Mr. Dombey asks Paul what he would do if he were in charge of Dombey and Son. Paul immediately says that he would give them the money. Mr. Dombey revises "give" to “lend,” and he arranges for repayments according to Sol Gills’s present situation to show his son the power of money.