Chapters 58-60 Summary

A year after Florence and Walter’s wedding and departure for China, the firm of Dombey and Son goes bankrupt. Mr. Dombey isolates himself from everyone, rarely leaving his house. Harriet Carker visits Mr. Morfin, who is one of the few who feels genuinely sorry for his former employer. Harriet learns from him the full extent of Mr. Dombey’s poverty. She tells Mr. Morfin that she and her brother John have inherited James Carker’s fortune, since he died without a will. It is their desire that an annuity be given to Mr. Dombey from that fortune. Mr. Morfin is touched by this kindness and asks to walk Harriet home. She says that she has other business to attend but invites him to call the next day.

Harriet goes to the...

(The entire section is 509 words.)