Chapters 20-22 Summary

Mr. Dombey goes on a holiday with Major Bagstock, the man who is infatuated with Miss Tox. As the two men dine together at the Major’s home, Mr. Dombey tells him that she has been useful in the Dombey home since Mrs. Dombey died. Major Bagstock tries to cheer Mr. Dombey up, but the grieving father is still cold and silent.

At the train station, they are confronted by Mr. Toodle. Mr. Dombey, who associates him with his wife and thus with Paul, assumes that he has come to ask for money. Mr. Toodle assures him that he has no need of money, as he is now a stoker on the very engine that will take them on their trip. He tells them that he and his wife have had four new babies since “Mrs. Richards” left the Dombeys,...

(The entire section is 584 words.)