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A Doll's House Reading Response Prompts

by eNotes

  • Release Date: October 07, 2019
  • Subjects: Language Arts and Literature
  • Age Levels: Grade 10 and Grade 9
  • Pages: 19
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  • Money plays an important role in the play, and the subject is introduced immediately. Describe how Nora’s attitude about money is different from her husband’s. What is your opinion of how each of them thinks of money?
  • Torvald calls his wife numerous pet names. What are they? What does this behavior suggest about him and about their relationship? How does he seem to regard Nora?
  • What secret does Nora reveal to Mrs. Linde? What prompts Nora to tell Mrs. Linde something she has never told anyone else? Does Nora’s secret change your opinion of her? If so, explain how.
  • When Nora speaks to Torvald about finding a position for Mrs. Linde at the bank, Torvald immediately assumes Mrs. Linde is a widow. Why? What does his assumption suggest to you about the position of women in this society?
  • What illegal act has Krogstad committed in the past that Torvald considers a sign of bad character? Why is it ironic that Torvald has such strong feelings against this particular offense?
  • Nora refers to her children as “nice little dolly children.” How do you interpret her description of them? What does it suggest about her relationship with them and how she fulfills her role as their mother?


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