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Background quiz for A Doll's House

by soph17

  • Release Date: February 12, 2019
  • Subjects: Language Arts
  • Age Levels: Grade 11
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Background quiz for A Doll’s House

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  • According to editor Bob Cameron, Ibsen’s greatest contribution to theatre was treating drama as: a. a representation of reality b. merely a tool used for escapism c. a distortion of reality d. entertainment for the masses
  • This play “opened the doors” to Ibsen’s new view of theatre as a social drama. a. An Enemy of the People b. A Doll’s House c. The League of Youth d. Ghosts
  • The main theme of A Doll’s House is: a. Housewives are like dolls, easy to manipulate b. emancipation of the individual c. the folly of love d. love overrides reason
  • Ibsen uses this technique to create a powerful play a. He begins the play in the middle of things, when the events that will produce a crisis have already occurred. b. He uses the traditional structure of a Shakespearean drama. c. He begins with a dramatic monologue. d. He intertwines Shakespearean language with modern day diction.
  • Ibsen is known to the world as a. A crafty Norwegian b. The father of modern drama c. A true master of illusion d. The enemy of the people


quick multiple choice quiz for background information on A Doll's House.