the book cover of Art Card Assignment for A Doll's House

Art Card Assignment for A Doll's House

by soph17

  • Release Date: February 12, 2019
  • Subjects: Language Arts
  • Age Levels: Grade 11
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Art Trading Card On-going Assignment English 20-1 A Doll’s House

Art trading cards are playing card sized pieces of art. You will reflect your understandings of the play in your cards. You may use your imagination for the design and medium of your cards. For example, your card could use collage, crayon, crayon resist, felts, fabric, pencil crayons, paint, pastels, etc. We will look at a selection of art trading cards to show you how the size of the card is not a limiting factor on what you can create! There aresome guidelines you must follow:

  • You are going to use your responses to each act to help you with this project. You may use your headlines, sketches or summaries. You may use ideas you have already created or add and delete ideas. The main focus of this assignment is to go beyond your literal understandings of the play and discuss at a metaphorical and symbolic level.
  • You will be including a rationale with your card in order to explain the choices you make. What are you showing? What understandings of the play are included in the card? Why is this important? Why did you choose the medium and design? What did you hope the viewer of the card would understand about your card and the play?
  • There are some ideas you may want to consider in each act. The first act you may want to consider Nora’s sense of the true nature of her marriage. The second act you may focus on Nora’s awakening, her epiphany if you will. Act three is a great opportunity to look at Nora’s change of character. How has she changed over the course of the play?

Each card will be handed in at the end of each act or at the deadline assigned by the teacher. Each card will be graded based on the following rubric:

A superior assignment will:

Thought and Detail

  • Explanations are complete, symbolic, thoughtful and insightful
  • Explanations give adequate detail, are symbolic, thoughtful and quite insightful
  • Explanations are satisfactory, giving some detain but are fairly literal
  • Explanations are vague or missing and visuals are not properly supported or discussed
  • Explanations appear to have little or no thought and detail

Matters of Correctness

  • Writing demonstrates confidence in all matters of grammar, spelling, usage and sentence construction
  • Writing demonstrates competence in all matters of grammar, spelling, usage and sentence construction
  • Writing demonstrates control of basics of grammar, spelling, usage and sentence construction
  • Writing demonstrates faltering control of matters of correctness
  • Writing demonstrates little understanding of the basics of correctness and impairs communications.


Creative project for use with Ibsen's A Doll's House.