Form and Content

(Critical Edition of Young Adult Fiction)

Doctor Tom Dooley, My Story is a special one-volume abridgment of Thomas A. Dooley’s three significant books: Deliver Us from Evil (1956), The Edge of Tomorrow (1958), and The Night They Burned the Mountain (1960). The condensed work has been prepared for juveniles and young adults. In a single book, readers can learn about Dooley’s story and personal mission to the forgotten people of Southeast Asia. The work is an autobiography, but it also presents a factual account of historical dates and events.

In chapters 1 through 7, Dooley relates his life events after the Indochina War. In 1954, Dooley was a naval medical officer assigned to a medical unit in Haiphong, North Vietnam. After the French defeat at Dien Bien Phu, a Communist victory resulted in a Geneva peace treaty that split Vietnam in half: The north was communist and the south was noncommunist. According to treaty terms, any noncommunist individual caught in the north could move south. On the way to the free world, many of the refugees passed through the port city of Haiphong. Dooley and other naval personnel provided camps and medical attention to the thousands of fleeing adults and children.

In chapters 8 through 17, Dooley outlines his medical mission after his Navy days. In 1956, as a private citizen, he went to the troubled country of Laos with medical assistants, food, vitamins, antibiotics, surgical equipment, and a collection of Walt...

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