Dobrica Ćosić Biography


(Survey of Novels and Novellas)

Dobrica osi was born on December 29, 1921, in a village in central Serbia, Velika Drenova. His parents were farmers, and he was destined to enroll in an agricultural school. There, he was exposed to illegal Socialist literature and was accepted in the Communist Youth League in 1938, for which he was expelled from school. In World War II, he participated actively on the side of the partisans as a political commissar. After the war, he occupied several official positions, among them the office of parliamentary representative and director of the venerable Srpska Knjievna Zadruga (Serbian literary society). He began to publish during the war, and with the publication of his first novel, Far Away Is the Sun, he quickly became one of the leading young Serbian writers. His fame grew with every new novel, but so did his dissatisfaction with political developments in his country. He began to call for more freedom, became a leading dissident, and as a result was stripped of all of his posts and duties. Thereafter, he worked as a freelance writer, completing his magnum opus, This Land, This Time, and leading the fight for greater democratic freedom in his country. He spent his later years writing works of nonfiction as well as two trilogies, Vreme zla (a time of evil) and Vreme vlasti (a time of authority); the third volume of the latter planned trilogy remains unwritten because osi has declared that he is finished with writing.